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SanSoleil Monarch 1/4 Zip

SanSoleil Monarch 1/4 Zip

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The Monarch butterfly is a North American icon.

Growing up in Michigan the summer sky was filled with Monarchs. My sister Diane and I would see dozens of Monarchs every day. Sadly, on my hikes this past summer, I saw no more than one or two Monarchs a week.
The Monarch butterfly population has decreased by 90 percent in recent years, but Audubon International and Environmental Defense Fund have teamed up to create Monarchs in the Rough, a program that partners with golf courses to restore pollinator habitat in out-of-play areas. Over 800 of partner courses now participate in this initiative!
SanSoleil has created a Monarch Print Collection.
SanSoleil will donate 50% of the selling price of the sales of this collection to the “Monarchs in the Rough” program. Monarch butterflies are struggling; action can be taken before it’s too late. Programs like "Monarchs in the Rough" will be instrumental in saving this magnificent species.
Product Details
  • SanSoleil's UV50+ SolShine fabric has a textured "Crepe" hand and is incredibly soft and lightweight.
  • This fabric drapes beautifully, making it perfect for any occasion.
  • SanSoleil's UPF 50 fabrics do not lose their sun protection functionality over time.
  • SanSoleil SolShine Fabric features quick dry, quick cool, easy-care, and UPF 50 protection.
  • Our fabric is infused with Natural Jade Minerals for extra cooling and 8% Spandex for Athletic Stretch.

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