We Love 34 Heritage Pants, You Should Too

We Love 34 Heritage Pants, You Should Too

The Brand

34 Heritage is a premium denim brand inspired by the Modern Gentleman, his pursuit of excellence in all things, and his desire to always be appropriately attired. As a brand that has always been focused on menswear, 34 Heritage’s primary attributes are excellent fit and outstanding comfort, in exceptional style. Any denim brand can create a classic 32” x 32”, but most fail to address the needs of men who fall outside of that proportion.

The Fit

With fits as premium as our fabrics and finishes, and exceptional handcrafted details, 34 Heritage is the perfect accompaniment to our customers’ rich lives, suited for work, relaxation and recreation. The Modern Gentleman understands that the quality of his jeans is as important as that of his other attire purchases. That is why 34 Heritage jeans are sold alongside suits. Some say jeans are the ultimate democratic garment. We say not all jeans are created equal.

The Modern Gentleman

Whether he's leasing the Friday meeting or driving his sports car in the canyons on the weekend, the Modern Gentleman operates with strength and grace. He understand the importance of presentation, and takes care to always create the correct impression. In his style he is understated, yet refined, he pays attention to detail and always seeks excellence. He is always appropriately dressed.

Designed specifically for the modern gentleman, 34 Heritage doesn’t just make your average pant. Our team has a history of developing innovative fabrics and styles that fit the modern lifestyle. We’ve distinguished ourselves by creating unique products that get people excited, and we’d love for you to get to know us a bit better.  

Not Your Average Jeans

We’d like to introduce you to your new everyday pants. With a wide range of washes and cuts, our elevated denim styles are some of our customers’ favorites. Made with premium denim, 34 Heritage jeans are breathable, lightweight, and stretchy, too.

Designed with superior comfort in mind, we promise you’ll want to wear these pants everywhere you can. Luckily, with so many available styles, you’re sure to find the right pair to help you seamlessly transition from a meeting to dinner.

Beyond Denim

Not a jeans kind of guy? Don’t worry. We have plenty of unique and versatile options available for every shopper. Our special twill and diagonal fabrics will elevate any look and make you one of the best-dressed men in the room. Here’s what makes these styles so special:

Stay Comfortable in Twill

We didn’t set out to make your everyday twill pants. Built with as much attention to detail as our denim styles, our twill pants are just as stretchy and smooth with the same lightweight feel. For men looking for a dressier pant, 34 Heritage Twill is the perfect solution. Available in a wide array of both seasonal and standard colors, you’re sure to find the perfect wash for any occasion.

34 Heritage pants have styles that will:

  • Become your go-to dress pant
  • Make a strong addition to any closet
  • Work perfectly for all occasions
  • Be easily dressed up or down
  • Keep your closet well stocked
  • Feel the softest and most comfortable pants you own
  • Elevate your look enough to be work appropriate
  • Make travelling easier with their wrinkle-resistant materials
  • Carry you from the office to a night out

Find Your Fit

While we have all of these beautiful fabrics and washes, at the end of the day, it’s our tailored fits that put us on the map.

The Courage fit is one of our most popular and personal favourites. A classic straight leg style, the pant will feel like it was made for the guy-on-the-go. And we’ll let you in on a little secret here: it was. A slightly tapered leg with a medium rise means you’ll want to wear any of your Courage fit pants for traveling, working, going out, and more.

There’s nothing stopping you from finding your new go-to pair of pants.

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