The Ultimate Guide to a Greener Game: Swannies x Sustainability

The Ultimate Guide to a Greener Game: Swannies x Sustainability

As most of our members know, we strive to keep our products new and exciting each year. We enjoy playing around with different brands, from ones we all know and love, to the smaller start-ups.

A couple of years ago, we brought in Swannies - one of the fastest growing new golf apparel brands.

With their spotlight growing bigger and bigger, they're focusing on more than just providing good quality, trendy products. Their sustainable impact in the fashion industry as a whole, but especially the golf industry, deserves praise.

Here's a little bit about Swannies and their sustainable impact.

Our Story

Our Impact

We reduce our environmental impact by utilizing recycled fabrics & supporting projects to offset our carbon footprint along the way.

Being an environmentally responsible company is at the core of what we do. We hope to influence the industry to think more critically about how our products impact the environment and what we can do about it.

Our Materials

REPREVE is a 100% recycled polyester fabric made from discarded water bottles. A majority of our products use this recycled material. To date, we have used more than 3 million water bottles to make our products.

Our Packaging

Our primary packaging supplier, Ecoenclose, is the premier source for sustainable packaging materials. Their recycled & reusable products allow us to reduce both our waste and our carbon footprint.

Carbon Offset

Through our partnership with GreenStory, we calculate the lifestyle emissions of each of our products. We support those emissions by supporting carbon reduction and removal projects in reforestation and renewable energy adaptation.

It's cool to care.
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